Student Voice

Our students are at the heart of everything we undertake here at Outwood Academy Brumby and the rest of our family of schools. Every student has the right to be heard and express their views in a number of ways through our ‘Student Voice’. Student’s can get involved with fundraising, open evenings and events, represent their peers in meetings, and they can also represent themselves through our strong links with the local Youth Council.

As a community, student voice is dedicated to helping fellow students. We have already started this by issuing paper recycling boxes to help the environment/economy.

We have also started to address personal problems with our drop in clinic, when students can have one to one conversations to help with any issues they may have. As well as this we also have student voice boxes about the academy which help students voice any opinions they have.

We have been taking strides to better our community, and this has been a great success. We have even donated to charities through Christmas jumper day, and other events.

So far, this has been greatly received by the students, and we have had some great enquiries. We hope to continue bettering Outwood Academy Brumby on behalf of student voice.


Foodbank Collection


Sports Relief 2018 - Student Voice members arranged sponsored events and raised the grand total of £1314.73!!!

Christmas Jumper Day 2017

On the last day of the Christmas term, Student Voice organised a Christmas Jumper Day with aims to support a charity (national or local). Across the Academy, VMGs voted for a charity to donate to. The charities that were in the running for the vote were: ‘Brake’, the British Road Safety charity, The British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, The Scunthorpe ‘Forge’ Project and finally the Lindsey Lodge Hospice. In the end students voted to donate to Cancer Research, a charity really close to all of our hearts. On the day, we raised an amazing total of £235.23, a donation that will really help.