Free Eedi Summer Club

Fri 05 Jul 2024

Dear parent/carer

Eedi has offered all families at our school free access to Eedi Summer Club, a maths summer program 100% free of charge that will help to boost your child's confidence in maths so it’s sky high for the new school year!

Your child will first take a quick dynamic quiz to create an independent learning pathway perfectly suited to their learning level. Then, they will receive recommended maths topics in the form of quizzes that will help them improve the most over four weeks. 

Your child will get unlimited access to help videos, fluency practice questions, and mastery activities to keep them engaged with their maths over the holidays! You'll also get weekly reports on their progress. 

By completing weekly assignments, your child will be automatically entered into a weekly prize draw for a £20 voucher of their choice. At the end of the summer, we’ll also reward the most committed students and schools with special prizes.

How to sign up for Eedi Summer Club

If your child does not already have an Eedi account, simply follow the steps below:

If your child already has an Eedi account, that is all they need to take part! Simply ensure they have already completed the dynamic quiz to create their personalised learning pathway for the holidays. 

If you have any questions, please contact directly.