About the Academy

Chief Executive Officer for Outwood Grange Academies Trust : Martyn Oliver
Executive Principal : Dr. Phil Smith
Associate Executive Principal : Carolyn Blundell
Principal: Angela Hull
Age: 11-16
Number on roll: 754
Admission number per year group: 172

Welcome to Outwood Academy Brumby.

Outwood Academy Brumby (formerly Brumby Engineering College) opened on 1 April 2012, sponsored by Outwood Grange Academies Trust. Outwood Grange Academy founded the Trust to lead the improvement of other schools in the North East of England. The Trust currently sponsors a number of secondary and primaries in the region. Outwood Grange Academy has been a National Training school for nine years and has been accredited as one of the country’s first Teaching Schools.

Since Outwood’s involvement with Brumby there have been 3 Ofsted monitoring visits as the predecessor school was in Special Measures and a full Section 5 Inspection took place in March 2015. The first of these visits took place in November 2012. The result of the visit saw the overall progress since the previous monitoring inspection as good, after only 9 weeks in the school. Ofsted said:

‘The new senior leaders are driving improvement at an accelerating and well-judged pace. They have established a refreshingly open style of leadership that has re-energised staff.’
‘….lessons observed at this visit and their work from this term shows that progress is accelerating.’
‘Literacy development has moved at a pace this term.’
‘The college has received outstanding support from Outwood Grange Academies Trust.’
Ofsted November 2012

The second monitoring visit took place in March 2013.
‘The quality of teaching is improving very quickly and is at least good in the majority of lessons’
‘Literacy development is widespread in lessons across all subjects and is an integral part of learning’
‘Early entry GCSE results and internal tracking data show a vast improvement in achievement across the college’
‘The Principal Designate and Executive Principal provide very strong and dynamic leadership that is driving improvement at a very fast but well-judged pace’

Overall judgement since last monitoring visit – Outstanding progress

Section 5 Inspection March 2015

‘The school is expertly led by the Principal and leaders at all levels. They demonstrate an uncompromising drive to raise achievement even higher’.
‘Attainment and overall progress across the academy have improved significantly in a very short time’.
‘Leaders concentrate relentlessly on improving teaching. They provide high-quality professional development. As a result, teaching is good’.
‘Students enjoy coming to school and most behave well. They say how much school life has changed for the better, in recent times, and how exceptionally well cared for and safe they feel’.
‘Students with disabilities and those who have special educational needs achieve well. This is because adults are fully aware of these students’ needs and provide timely and bespoke support’.

Leadership & Management – Outstanding
Behaviour & Safety of Pupils – Good
Quality of Teaching – Good
Achievement of Pupils – Good

Overall Judgement – Good

Exam Performance 2018

We are delighted to inform you that in 2018 Outwood Academy Brumby has celebrated record results, in the new, more rigorous GCSEs. Currently 56% of students achieved grades 5+ in both maths and English and 75% achieved 4+ (the old grade C). This figure is subject to remarks and may well still rise, but at present this places Outwood Academy Brumby amongst the top performing schools in North Lincolnshire. These results are testament to the hard work and commitment of both students and staff, and of course, my predecessor Mr. Rutter. Congratulations go to all the students who, regardless of their outcomes, worked hard to succeed. As always, thanks, must go to parents and carers for their support.

Our CEO Martyn Oliver has pledged that he will do his utmost to ensure that we remain at the forefront of education and continue to raise standards and transform the life chances of our children