The MFL department offers French and German at both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. Lessons are delivered using a wide range of teaching methods including collaborative structures but also role plays, mimes, games and electronically produced materials. The target language is used to communicate in the classroom by both teachers and students alike.


Nicola Harris-Jukes – Director of MFL
Liam Jones – Head of Department
C Young – MFL Teacher
S Pykett – Teacher of MFL

Key Stage 3

The programme of study at Key Stage 3 provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to access the AQA GCSE course in Key Stage 4. In Year 7 students follow a context based curriculum which enables them to manipulate the languae in a more authentic way. There is a strong emphasis on vocabulary and communication. Confidence in manipulating the language is key to success in the new GCSE, so in Year 8 students focus on key grammatical points around fun themes. Click on the link below to see the schemes of learning for Years 7 and 8.

If you would like further information about the topics and themes being taught please contact:

Key Stage 4

AQA GCSE (9 – 1) in French or German

The topics covered are:

  • Identity and Culture
  • Local, National, International and Global Areas of Interest
  • Current and Future Study and employment

AQA GCSE FRENCH/GERMAN is assessed in the following way:

If you would like further information about the topics, themes or assessment for this course please contact a member of the department.

Please see the current Academy Enrichment Programme Booklet for details of enrichment opportunities in this subject area.